Spread Laughter and Cure Boredom

I guess I'm posting again because once more I've found myself with no real world support and I don't really have any other place to go

Hello there tickld.

I've been here, for what feels like a long time, but I've only been a registered user for four years. I mean, that is over 20% of my life so far, but idk. feels small.

as some of you know, you are the reason I'm alive. For a long time, I had no friends, no family. blah blah blah you know the story, if you do. tickld was refuge for me; a place that started as a focal point of my anger and I took it out on some of you, and I'm sorry.

but then it evolved into a family that took me in. I was added to Skype groups, I always got messages and words of approval. words I hadn't had the pleasure of ever hearing. encouragement had never before touched my bones, and I must thank you, those of you that stretched out their virtual hands to help a young man who didn't know he needed it.

Thank you. for giving me a creative outlet, for giving me a safe place that I guess technically doesn't exist as its just a website, but a safe place nontheless.