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Dumb bird.

I was walking back from the shop earlier with my girlfriend, and a woman on a bike stopped us.
She asked us "Have you seen a set of keys lying about?", and my girlfriend asked her what colour it was, and asked her if she wanted us to help look.
I wondered why knowing the colour would have made any difference, and we hadn't found any keys so why ask that? Anyway, the woman went on her way and I questioned why she asked her the colour.
"I didn't know what colour they were, so I thought I'd ask", she said. Fair enough, I thought. She then started looking around, all over, even in the sky. I was confused, I asked what she was looking for. She told me she was looking for the woman's bird.
Yup, she thought the woman had asked "Have you seen a parakeet flying about". I found it hilarious.