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Let's save tickld!

I called the owners of tickld, Gateway Blend Media, to ask them how much money it would cost to keep the website up. I left a message a week ago, which they haven't returned. I'm asking you to let them hear from you, too.

First off, them hearing from many users will make them take notice. Even better, I think if we get enough people willing to subscribe, maybe pay $5 or $10 a month, we might be able to keep this site above water. I want that, because I've seen no other site with such a clean format for presenting humor, or a better community.

Please call Gateway Blend Media at (314) 260-4200, and tell them you hope they keep tickld up. And, if you would be willing to pay to do so, please let them know.

If you prefer to write, their email is [email protected]

Let's save tickld!