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The Community Managers are long-time, active members of the Tickld Community who we've carefully selected from a pool of over 100 applicants to assist The Tickld Team in the daily management of Tickld and to help you get the most out of your Tickld experience.


Tickld has been an important part of my life—a place that I go when I'm happy or sad or bored. It is where my friends are and where I can be creative. I hope as Community Manager that I can help others enjoy it the way I do.

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As the only Community Manager in the Southern Hemisphere, I've been informed I'm responsible for all four other Ticklrs that reside here. I'm known around Tickld for my luscious blonde beard and for bizarrely always being mistaken for a male. I can confirm I am most certainly lady

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I've been on Tickld since the beginning. Tickld is where I find funny stuff, catch up on the latest news, be part of a friendly online community and engage in lively debate. In my role as Community Manager I plan to eat a lot of cookies, inspire new users to get involved, and help promote Tickld to a wider audience!

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When I'm not busy fending off wild animals, I'm here...but that's pretty much the same thing isn't it? Little did I know when I first came across Tickld that it would change my life in so many ways (most of them good!) but here we are and I have all of you to thank. Keep being awesome, Ticklrs.

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I've been on Tickld under many names since 1976, which is extra cool cause I was born in '88. When you need me, call me. No matter where you are. No matter how far.

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I really love tickld as a place to be creative (Meme Generator, Gif Maker), share your creativity (Posting!), and to see what others are getting up to on all the pages and tags! The community’s also a lot cosier than on other sites; you’ll find interactions are a lot more familiar. You may even get married.

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COMMUNITY MANAGER BLOG Last Updated:10 October 2016

October's The Ticklr

Hey Ticklrs!

It's been a huge week here at Tickld HQ. We have moved offices as we had outgrown our previous location, and we are still working on settling into our new and much bigger offices here in Toronto. If you follow us on Snapchat, you will have seen our Snap Story detailing some of the move and showing off our new digs!

Credit Day

Remember the beginning of last month? We held our largest Credit Day ever. Actually, Credit "Day" is a misnomer. Running from Thursday through Sunday September 1-4, it was more like a Giant Blowout Credit Clearance Everything-Must-Go Bonanza, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't fit in the little grey box.

It was so big...

(This is the part where you say "How big was it???")

It was SO BIG that a total of 2079 credits were awarded to 494 user participants. That averages out at 4.2 credits per participant. Of course, we all know that's not how these things shake out. Life's not fair, you know? Plus, equal distribution of credits? Yeah, ok, settle down there, Karl Marx.

In celebration of those who went above and beyond to reach the maximum number of credits allowed, we'd like to give a shoutout to users b0red, edelnickel, Yourleastfavorite, KneeSocksFetishRox, shtuff83, xanth who all managed to earn the maximum 24 credits. Honorable mentions also go to Tnsgirl13 with 23, blakeoodleson19 with 21, Somebodysmama with 21, and swiftturtle with 20.

Thank you to everyone who participated; it really was an awesome event on the site, and it couldn't have happened without you, our users. Keep an eye out for that little grey box announcing our next credit day, and in the meantime, don't let your dreams be memes.

Post Of The Week

Because of our extended absence, we have a couple of favorite posts in this edition of The Ticklr.

Last month, we remembered the world-changing events of 15 years ago. Our favourite post of the week month is @Bronsolo's tribute to the men and women who lost their lives in 9/11.

We also loved this drawing by @WilliamMatthewJones. Thanks for sharing!!

On a goofier note, @txsgal made this post that perfectly describes how we feel about jellybeans. Fight the power!

Tickld's Otter Obsession

We are giving this its own section because it was such a huge, adorable, irritating, punny trend. This is due in no small part to the post powerhouse that is @b0red, so we asked him to draw one up for us and here it is!

Roxy's Critter Corner

Photo credit to EVP David

Story Highlight

User @Vahn shared this story to Tickld and we decided to share it with you. Vahn has been a Ticklr for a long time, and anyone who has ever talked to him knows that he is constantly getting himself involved in crazy shenanigans. This has to be our favorite one yet.

Alright Tickld, so I kinda sorta accidentally ruined my best friend's life.

Awhile back I moved closer to my best friend who I hadn't seen in a couple years. We started hanging out a lot, but he had a girlfriend who he was living with. I met her and she seemed nice enough, but she asked me what my friendship with Chris was like and I said it was "indescribable." I meant because of the experiences we had in the military.

Fast forward a couple months. He tells me he's gonna propose, I said live your life but that's a bad idea as you've known her for 4 months. He proposed anyway.

Fast forward a couple more months. He gets home after hanging out with me, and she grabs his junk.... to see if he recently had sex. She thinks me and him have sex because we hang out.

Next months he sends me an epic audio recording he made of her unknowingly. It's the funniest f***ing thing I've ever heard. I have it saved in my phone. I listen to it when I'm sad to feel better. She basically accuses him of looking at gay porn and having, and I quote, "d*** sucking circuses with your friends" because he has friends who he texts and chills with sometimes.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. She broke it off with him 3 weeks before the wedding. She says she can't marry a gay man. She says she thinks about when I said our friendship was indescribable every single day. My words started a chain of events that led to her breaking it off with him.

To be clear, he is not gay. She has no evidence of anything gay. Her strongest evidence is when she found out he deleted his browser history before getting ice cream for her bachelorette party. She kicked out everyone in the party while he was gone and accused him of deleting his gay porn browser history. In reality, he deleted it because he didn't want her to see the surprise honeymoon to Europe he had bought tickets for.

She chipped the $7000 diamond ring he bought her at work so he's out that money. The wedding venue was non refundable so he's out another $14 thousand.

All because of this one sentence I said. It was the match that lit the fire of her paranoid gay witch hunt. Oops.

All of us here at Tickld want to congratulate you, Vahn, for saving your friend from marrying what can only be described as a f***ing crazy person. Well done!

That's it for this week. If you would like to share a story or image in next week's Ticklr, send an email to [email protected].

See you next week, folks!!
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