Thread - #bringbackyeoldetickld ?
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luckyluke +3 karmaApril 2017
#bringbackyeoldetickld ?
Yourleastfavorite [m] +3 karmaApril 2017
I just removed the tag because I thought it was funny. As far as taking it to the edge goes.... this portion of the site isn't as reliant on advertising so we moderate less. Well, some of us anyway.
korymc +2 karmaApril 2017
You're all good man. It's better not having to wonder what content will get you banned. Freedom is a good thing.
Yourleastfavorite [m] +2 karmaApril 2017
Lol you should know by now what will constitute a ban
korymc +2 karmaApril 2017
Depends on how much I drank the night before. Hangover posts bring out the best of my creative ability.